About Us

GT Fish was founded by 15 year old George Theze in 2017.


We supply the freshest, most beautiful fish to many residents all over Kent.  We have 30 local boats landing to us daily bringing us stunning fish from the Kentish Coast such as: Mackerel, Sardines, Skate, Herrings, Squid and Gurnard.

  We have many vans delivering to us daily offering incredible fish from Cornwall and all over the world, including Superior Scottish Salmon and Tuna.  Our highly skilled block-men prepare the fish to the best possible standard removing all the bones and having the fish to the correct specification ready for the best possible meals.

Our mission as a company is to provide the best fish around the area with the most friendly, professional service.

Our long term goal is to have daily vans delivering to homes all around Kent and to have our fish appearing in many restaurants with our own fleet of vans by the time George Theze is 20 years old.  

Building his first online store at just the age of 13, George used his self-taught skills to create yet another business.  Fast fowarding to the age of 17, George has progressed to designing another website for a second business venture as well as helping other organisations reinvent and modernise thier online stores

He is currently in the process of creating a mobile application in which people can purchase fresh produce and have it delivered all together - this app will incorporate many local stores such as a Butchers and Farm Shops.

how it works

Local fishermen catch the fish

we buy our fish and have it prepared to your specification

the fish is thoughtfully packed and dispatched within 24 hours


George Theze,

Whitstable, Kent,

Tel: 07708 132 526




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