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GT Fish was founded by George Theze at age 15 in 2017.


'At the beginning it was just a young boy delivering fish throughout his hometown on his bike with a large Nike dufflebag containing boxes of fresh fish.  3 years later we're delivering across the whole country.'


GT Fish is a Whitstable based company offering the freshest local fish and seafood caught by our very own fleet of day boats.  We offer nationwide delivery and hand prepare our catch on the day of the delivery.

sustainable Sourcing


We source the best part of our fish from local harbours using a fleet of upwards of 30 boats.  These small vessels land into us daily.


All of the boats in our fleet are day boats reaching up to 10m in length; this means they fish for shorter periods, going in and out daily with the tide and providing a much higher quality, fresher fish.  Our large fleet strengthens the supply and gives us the ability to keep up with the high demand for fresh, locally sourced seafood.


Why is this better?

This is much better than purchasing from larger organisations and operations as the quality of our fish is much better.  Many other companies use larger vessels to source their fish. The larger vessels go further out into sea and fish for much longer periods. This means the fish caught at the start of the trip is not going to be of the highest quality and freshness by the time the one/two week round trip is over.

With our boats all being under 10m long they only fish for a matter of hours at a time. They go in and out with the tide daily. Once the boats are back into their moorings, we collect the fish and weigh it into the correct gradients and fully hand prepare it.  By this point it is only up to 12 hours old.   All fish is then packed and distributed.

Sometimes we have to put the fish through a sitting process in which it cannot be prepared or sold as it is 'too fresh' and will not cook well.


Having strong supplier relationships enables us to purchase from other places around the country and world.  Therefore bringing us the freshest fish from other parts, enlarging our product base and allowing us to cater for more people - creating a better service.



All of our fish is vacuum sealed and packed sensibly and professionally in fully recyclable, cardboard boxes.  The vacuum seal removes 99.6% of oxygen from the bag; dramatically reducing the rate in which bacteria can grow on the fish and make it go off.  Therefore prolonging the shelf life of the product.

The vacuum bags simplify freezing by protecting the product and making it easier to handle.  You can also boil the product in the bag.


When shipping nationwide we use polystyrene boxes to insulate the product further as the product will be in transit for that slight bit longer.  Two frozen gel packs are placed in the box at both the bottom and the top.  As stated in the terms and conditions... When shipping frozen products they are not distributed in a frozen compartment.  Please purchase with this mind.  To find out more information on this subject please see our terms and conditions on our policies and procedures page. 

We Look After Our Oceans.


We're not pirates.  We look after our ocean and its stock, protecting the environment and our future.

sustainable sourcing

We're Proud of Our Farms...

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