dealing with covid-19

Through COVID-19 GT Fish is still delivering and still trying to fulfil every order and carry on exceeding expectations.

Despite this we are struggling to source some items with less fisherman going to sea and many suppliers running reduced services if they're not already suspended.  As noted on the store, many products may arrive frozen as we try to preserve some fish and maintain stock levels.  Fish is still of extremely high quality and we have no doubts in delivering this fish and jeopardising our name.

Through this time we are substituting some products with similar ones to avoid cancelling the item or order and offer refunds and credit notes for some products that cannot be sourced and delivered.

refunds and collections

Sometimes a mistake may be made and we may need to come by and collect the order in an attempt to make it right.  Should an order be incorrect and you receive the wrong product line we can certainly put it right with the appropriate discount, credit note or refund.  Some products may have been changed in production.

We offer refunds for fish that could not be sourced or fish that is not up to the expected quality.  Other than this - an occurrence on your behalf such as the wrong fish being ordered or wrong prep being asked for, we will not issue a refund

sizing and weights

Fish are all different sizes and grades and all fillets will be different sizes. That's why we sell fillets between a size range so customers are aware that it may be a larger/smaller fish they receive from that gradient.

We hand cut all of our portions and unfortunately don't have super smart scale brains.  All portions are sold between a size range to give our fish mongers that little bit of ease in their job.

Many frozen products are sprayed with water to give products a protective layer when being frozen.  Please bare this in mind when ordering.

When purchasing whole fish. You are paying for the whole fish and then asking for it to be prepared.  Please note that the product you receive may be lighter than expected as some parts of the item may have been removed. For example, bones. 


Through COVID-19 the way GT Fish works has changed.

To protect both our valued customers and staff we are carrying out contactless deliveries.  All fish is placed on the door step and the bell is rang to notify the recipient of the delivery.  

Fish delivered into London and surrounding areas will be carried out on an external refrigerated courier whilst fish delivered into Whitstable and surrounding areas is delivered in cool box.

Shipping confirmations are sent out on the morning of the delivery.  


When signing up for the monthly order, there is no fixed contract.  The recurring order can be cancelled at any time and you will not be charged.

When it comes to the delivery of your box; please take into account the current situation and day.  We are open Tuesday to Saturday from 7am - 6pm.  Deliveries are carried out in the afternoons between 12pm - 4pm.

We will try to deliver your box on the same date every month but if it happened to land on a day we're closed. It will be delivered the closest delivery date after the payment.

By purchasing our products you accept the terms and conditions and the way we work and deal with certain occurences.

if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our team.

feel free to share your experience of gt fish on facebook or google. Reviews help us determine what we are doing well and what we need to work on.

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