Head on Tiger Prawns

Head on Tiger Prawns


Tiger Prawns are truly the king of the plate due to their sheer size and striking characteristic tiger stripes. 

tiger prawns feed actively day and night. The diet of prawns varies slightly between species but in general they feed on decaying organic matter, plant material, micro-organisms, and invertebrates such as worms and small shellfish.

Cooked prawns taste better when boiled in natural saltwater but in some parts of the country, due to bacterial health risks, it is illegal for professional fisherman to cook prawns in natural salt water. If you’re curious to know how they were cooked ask your local seafood retailer when purchasing.


Prawns contain vitamins and minerals like calcium, phosphorous, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin E, etc. They are packed with significant amounts of vitamin B12, B6 and niacin. They are also a rich source of iron that helps in boosting the production of red blood cells.


ORIGIN: Imported from countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Madagascar.


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