Local Box

Local Box


The local box is a box made up of fish and seafood sourced entirely from local waters. All fish in this box came from our own boats fishing out of our local harbours. Our fleet is made up of day boats which means they fish on the same tide resulting in the highest quality of fish, a matter of hours old.


ORIGIN: Kent, United Kingdom

(COULD BE: Whitstable, Broadstairs, Faversham, Rye, Hastings, Eastbourne.)

This product is a Sustainably Sourced Wild product.


Why is this better?

This is much better than purchasing from larger organisations and operations as the quality of the fish is much better. Many other companies use larger vessels to source their fish. The larger vessels go further out into sea and fish for much longer periods. This means the fish caught at the start of the trip is not going to be of the highest quality and freshness by the time the week/two week round trip is over.

With our boats all being under 10m long they only fish for a matter of hours at a time. They go in and out with the tide daily. Once the boats are back into their moorings and we collect the fish and weigh it into the correct gradients and fully hand prepare it, it is only up to 12 hours old. All fish is then packed and distributed. Sometimes we have to put the fish through a sitting process in which it cannot be prepared or sold as it is 'too fresh'.


The contents of this box is very dependant on what the fisherman catch but due to our strong connection with the fisherman and other organisations the supply is strong.

Could Include:

Wild Sea Bass

Dover Sole









John Dory


much, much more.

All of the fish and seafood comes fully prepared. Whether that be squid/cuttlefish being fully cleaned: scallops being bowled out of their shell or whole fish being filleted.

Example Boxes:


  • 1 x ready-to-eat pot - £4.90
  • 2 x Cod Fillets - £7.90
  • 4 x Mackerel, Butterflied - £14.00
  • 500g x Sardines, Butterflied - £3.90



  • 2 x Dover Sole, Skinned - £20
  • 2 x Cod Fillets - £7.90
  • 1 x John Dory, Filleted - £15.50
  • 4 x Mackerel, Butterflied - £7.50



  • 1 x ready-to-eat pot - £4.90
  • 2x Cod Fillets - £7.90
  • 4 x Mackerel, Butterflied - £14.00
  • 1kg x Sardines, Butterflied - £6.90
  • 1 x Large Turbot, Filleted - £25.90
  • 2 x Gurnard, Filleted - £15.85


The boxes listed above are examples of what may be included in a box as we cannot provide customers with an exact box contants and quantity list as it changes every day.


Box Size

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