Local Gurnard

Local Gurnard



This product is a Sustainably Sourced Wild product.

Although commonly used for stocks, soups and bouillabaisse, gurnard is not a big seller despite being highly rated by a number of well-known chefs. Although bony, this fish has a good flavour, firm textured flesh, takes strong flavours and pan fries or grills well.


Gurnard is a bottom-dweller that uses its legs to stir up food on the seabed. Three species swim in British waters: red; grey, and yellow (also called tub). Until recently, if used gastronomically, it was slipped invisibly into Mediterranean fish stews, stocks or soups.


100g fillet of gurnard provide 80 Calories. From a nutritional standpoint, the gurnard is a source of: protein. fat.

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