Peeled Brown Shrimp

Peeled Brown Shrimp


ORIGIN: found in the western north Atlantic from Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, to the Florida Key 


Brown shrimp, thanks to an iodine-rich diet, have a strong flavor that goes great with robust dishes like gumbo and jambalaya. White shrimp have a more mild flavor with notes of natural sweetness because they're found in areas with less salinity, like brackish estuaries and bayous.


Next time you’re frying a fillet of fish, add a handful of these little frozen peeled Brown Shrimp to the pan - they’ll add real ‘oomph’ to the flavour.



  • Energy. 360kj. 85kcal. 4% RI.
  • Fat. 0.60 g. Low. 1% RI.
  • Saturates. 0.20 g. Low. 1% RI.
  • Sugars. 0.10 g. <1% RI.
  • Salt. 1.56 g. High. 26% RI.

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