Plaice Fillet

Plaice Fillet



This product is a Sustainably Sourced Wild product.

Plaice is a flat fish with a very sweet and mild flavour. Served battered, this fish goes well with tartare sauce, a squeeze of lemon and some of our tasty chips.

Plaice and sole are essentially flat fish with a mild flavor and relatively light texture. Haddock on the other hand had more of the texture of lets say swordfish. More body for a better chocie of words. Cod is also a 'meatier' fish with a bit of a stronger taste.


a 140g steamed plaice fillet contains just 129 calories and 2.1g fat whereas a 140g battered and fried plaice fillet contains almost three times as many calories and 11 times more fat (360 calories and 23.5g fat).


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