Whole Plaice

Whole Plaice



This product is a Sustainably Sourced Wild product.

Plaice is a flat fish with a very sweet and mild flavour. Served battered, this fish goes well with tartare sauce, a squeeze of lemon and some of our tasty chips.


Plaice is a flatfish native to UK waters and is recognisable by its bright orange spots on the dark side of the skin. ... Plaice is generally available all year round but is best avoided during the months of February to April when the fish is spawning, as the fillets will tend to be a little watery and soft.


a 140g steamed plaice fillet contains just 129 calories and 2.1g fat whereas a 140g battered and fried plaice fillet contains almost three times as many calories and 11 times more fat (360 calories and 23.5g fat).




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